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Drake reading my poems

"Amanda’s poems are some of the best I ever had (to read)."   -Drake

heyHEYY!  remember me?  according to tumblr, i used to post things on here four months ago.  well, some writing happened this summer, but not a ton and nothing i felt compelled to post about here.  but september means new workshops and new poems and stories.  i’ve got a new story in the works in which everybody has to deal with the death of an animal.  so there’s something.  and i’ve written some new poetry.  

ready for some titles? (after the jump!)

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more poem titles.

i kind of like this exercise in which i share (only) my poem titles with you.  recent ones:

three poems titled “Sugar” (this was for a Gertrude Stein exercise)


"Literacy Lessons and the Boys"

"The Niece"

and one really awful thing for tomorrow’s class that may or may not be entitled “Regress Journal” or “Fears”

also, i just wrote a not-for-class poem called “Exposure”.  it’s three lines (with one break) and eight words long.

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