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m.i.a. and the internet.

today, m.i.a. released a new video and took over pitchfork media’s twitter.  i know she was tweeting about her new album because she posted pictures like this.  she also posted this.  it’s not the first time she’s posted a screenshot of a google drop down.  i think it’s a great thing for her (or anyone) to be obsessed with.

anyways, i’m posting this.  it’s a series of her tweets regarding the new album in chronological—as opposed to reverse chronological/twitter retrospective—order.

that’s a lot of puns.  are all her lyrics this punny?  are these lyrics?  i don’t know, but i’m still excited.  the new song and video remind me of prodigy.  remember prodigy?  the mid- to late-nineties were a good time.  if lady gaga’s third album turns out to be a meditative, yoga- and kabbalah-influenced project and someone emerges to replace tori amos, i might be able to show up to my high school reunion more or less the way i left.

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